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Grosvenor Suite

Compact studio space, ideal for pre production, mixtape, mixing, and small band live or multitrack recordings.


Technical Specification:

  • COMPUTER: Mac G5 Dual 2Ghz Power PC 10.5.8
  • SOFTWARE: Logic Pro 9, Reason 4
  • INTERFACE: RMG Fireface 800
  • DESK: Mackie Digital X Bus with UAD Card
  • MONITORS: Adams 6, Dynaudio M2
  • OUTBOARD: Focusrite ISA 430, Focusrite Liquid Channel, Focusrite
  • Platinum Octo Pre, TC electronic
  • Finaliser, zoom RFX 1000
  • SYNCHRONISATION: Midiman Midisport, Motu Midi Express 128
  • KEYBOARD/CONTROLLER/TRIGGER: Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-630, MAudio Keyrig 49
  • PLAYBACK/RECORD: Tascam MD ¬301MKII, Studer D780, Denon DN¬720R